live crab vending machine

There is a vending machine that sells live crabs.

Yes, you read that correctly.


The man who installed the machine in the Xinjeiko subway station had a simple dream, a dream that every man, woman and child in China—or those that at least passed by the machine—would be able to get an affordable crab to cook and eat or maybe name and keep as a pet. Whatever strikes their fancies.

I am sort of only making up half of that.

Anyway. The crabs are kept at a certain temperature so they go into hibernation until they’re bought and woken up before they’re killed and eaten. Sort of like Walt Disney.

…that’s what they did to Walt Disney, right?

Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

Also included in the machine are a few sauces and you receive the complementary stares of passersby if you actually purchase one. And if it’s weird to Chinese people, then you know it’s really odd.


I think I saw one of the big ones on the top rack trying to escape. He blinked at me.

At least he doesn’t know where I live.


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