Lila Thai Massage Shop and Cafe, courtesy of Chiang Mai Women’s Prison


Something I forgot to mention in my last Chiang Mai post… There’s a female prison that, thanks to one of Thailand’s princesses, has an education program that gives the women skills to use in the outside world. What skills, you ask? Well, they’re trained in the art of Thai massage—kind of like yoga and a massage combined—and waitressing. There’s a massage parlor you can visit where the inmates give foot and full body massages—and are very chatty with you. Plus, just up the street, there’s a little cafe with delicious food and most of the employees are prisoners. Definitely something interesting to check out if you’re ever in Chiang Mai. Both the cafe and the massage are located right across from the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison.

Unfortunately my Thai language skills don’t extend beyond ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘one more beer’ so I was unable to communicate with the prisoners. For a more first-hand write up on the prison, check out this blog post.


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