pictures from the English abyss

One of the interesting things about teaching any language is when you start to notice the little things like letters, punctuation and syntax that can change a sentence drastically. Usually if it’s a pretty hilarious mistake I take the time to correct the sentence, but an additional high-five is given to the student at the very least. 3rd graders are at that perfect age where they don’t have any inhibitions–for the most part–about trying even if it means they might be wrong. That at least should be rewarded.

But now I know why my Japanese professors got such a kick out of correcting our papers and tests…




And sometimes, it’s not really a mistake in any sense of the word. But things that sound great in one language give pause when translated directly;


This last one is grammatically correct; I just like the thought of Tigger giving Eyore a John Wayne-style haymaker.



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