Boracay Bound

In two hours I’ll hop Seoul Subway’s line 1 and make for Incheon airport, from where I’ll board a flight to Manilla. After a midnight layover of five hours, I’ll find myself in Boracay.

If you’ve not heard of Boracay, chances are you’re not one of the hundreds–thousands–of backpackers and expats who flock to Asia. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines famous for its beaches and laid back culture. Tourists can take advantage of bar crawls, scuba diving, sailing, cliff diving, swimming, etc. So pack some shorts, sunscreen, and–if you’re headed there at the end of July–an umbrella.

My friends and I are taking a gamble on the ‘low-season’ when room rates are cheap ($17/night for a cottage!? Sign me up) and the rain showers intermittent. If you didn’t know, a typhoon swept through the Pacific this week (on the opposite side of the Philippines from Boracay), which should give you a pretty good idea as to the weather situation down south these days. Supposedly on Boracay the rain showers are intermittent, with patches of blue sky and sun peeking through.

When I booked this trip back in April, I was an optimist. Now, looking at the weather report, I wonder what the hell I was thinking. And why we even bother with summer vacations when the entire Pacific is soaked.

In any case, I have a few decks of cards, a bottle opener, and an iPad with a VPN and Netflix. Bring it on, typhoon season. Let’s see what you can do.